Mongello & Scialabba, L.L.C., a New Jersey law firm with over 40 years experience, specializes in plaintiffs’ personal injury cases including automobile negligence, slip and fall, products liability, and worker’s compensation, as well as real estate sales and purchases and personal bankruptcies.

Mongello & Scialabba, L.L.C. also has an extensive criminal defense and municipal court practice.

  • Mongello & Scialabba specializes in full service legal representation.
  • We provide excellent and informative representation from the moment we meet until the resolution of your case.
  • Mongello & Scialabba will help you in processing your medical bills, property damage, and other injury related matters.
  • We will monitor your medical care and assess your case as it progresses.
  • There will always be someone in our office that you can talk to regarding your case: you can speak with any of our five experienced attorneys, or you can discuss your matter with our trained staff of paralegals and secretaries assigned to help you with your case and medical files.
  • For all Personal Injury cases, we will not charge you a fee unless we recover money for you.
  • You will find a low staff-turnover which ensures continuity in the handling of your case and allows for development of a strong attorney/client relationship.
  • You will always receive personal attention.
  • You have the advantages of a state-of-the-art computer system.
  • Serving the central New Jersey community since 1981.

Experience, Knowledge and Understanding

Welcome to the legal web site of Mongello & Scialabba, the accident and personal injury specialists. As a further indication of our dedication to our clients, we have established this extension of our offices to offer enhanced communications, valuable information, and full access to our extensive legal resources. We understand better than most that choosing a lawyer is a critical task, albeit a difficult one, so we have tried to make the task a little easier, a little more comfortable. We believe that if you need legal help, our combination of extensive trial experience, relentless tenacity, and sincere commitment to our clients makes us the right choice. Please walk through our “internet offices,” find out more about us, and make use of the valuable information we have supplied, or use the client questionnaire to send us the details of your case. If there is anything you need, or if you have comments or suggestions about this site, contact us at lawyers@lawyersnj.com, or call our office during normal business hours at 908-561-7778.

We are at your disposal.

About Our Firm

Being in a car accident or suffering an injury can be a difficult, trying time. At Mongello & Scialabba, we can give you the expert legal advice to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. With five lawyers, plus knowledgeable legal assistants and a dedicated support staff, we’ve obtained millions of dollars in compensation for all kinds of personal injury claims

At Mongello & Scialabba, we have been helping individuals and businesses since 1980. We are proud of our achievements on behalf of our clients.

Our professional standards include the necessary technical experience not only to assist our clients with their legal challenges but also to provide the personal attention so vital in establishing a unique lawyer/client relationship.This commitment helps us concentrate our skills and efforts to ensure that we maximize the compensation our clients receive for their injuries.

Each client receives our best effort, and we work to prevent problems before they arise, suggesting unique solutions to problems that cannot be avoided. Our clients always receive competent, common-sense advice, and we take the time to listen to our clients and explain the options and solutions, so they can make the choices which best meet their current needs.

We try to solve problems without the frustration and expense of litigation, and a very high percentage of our personal injury claims are settled out of court. However, when litigation becomes necessary, we labor diligently to represent our clients’ interests with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Our five attorneys have extensive knowledge of the process and procedures of the federal, state and local courts, and have earned excellent reputations. They are assisted by a talented staff, including experienced paralegals who also work closely with clients.

When you work with Mongello & Scialabba, you will:

  • Be served by a team of experienced professionals including attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and secretaries.
  • Find a low staff-turnover which ensures continuity in the handling of your case and allows for development of a strong attorney/client relationship.
  • Receive personal attention.
  • Have the advantages of a state-of-the-art computer system.

Mongello & Scialabba’s growth and strength have been the result of our commitment to clients’ needs, sound business practices and professional development. The Firm has built our excellent reputation upon many years of providing superior, cost-efficient legal services to a broad base of clients — but our clients receive more than just high quality professional services. While our standards of legal excellence are rooted in the expertise, skill and high levels of performance expected of our attorneys, qualities such as reliability, accessibility, efficiency and prompt responsiveness are equally important to us.

Over the years our office has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases of all types including motor vehicle accidents, falls, product caused injuries, work related injuries, and other types of cases where clients have been injured. Our office is conveniently located in central New Jersey with easy access to and from all major highways. If you’ve been injured, call or e-mail our office for a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. Let us advise you regarding your legal rights you may be entitled to under the law.

A Regional Law Firm
Mongello & Scialabba believes that families and businesses want a consistent quality of legal services regardless of where they live, work or conduct business and whether or not they move from one community to another. Once you have found a law firm you trust, we believe you want that relationship to last. Mongello & Scialabba Legal Offices meets this need with two offices in New Jersey

Our Lawyers and Staff
Mongello & Scialabba is a general practice law firm which can handle almost every type of legal work that you, your family or your business may require. We take great pride in our team of lawyers, legal assistants, legal secretaries and staff members. Each lawyer, legal assistant, and legal secretary has expertise in one or more fields. This expertise allows us to provide superior legal services in a number of fields of law. We hope you will meet our well-qualified team and allow them to work together for your benefit.

Selecting a Lawyer
We will help you select the right member of the firm to handle your legal work. Contact any of our lawyers that you know, or call one of our offices and speak to the receptionist. When you explain the type of legal matter that concerns you, you will be referred to someone in our firm who is well qualified for that type of work. We will introduce you, at your convenience, to the lawyer we believe will be able to handle your legal need most effectively.

Lawyer-Client Relationship
The relationship between a client and his or her lawyer requires complete trust and confidence. Your work will be done in complete confidence. We will keep you informed about the progress of your work as we go along. Sometimes you will hear from us by telephone, and sometimes by an informational copy of a letter we send out or receive. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Working With You
When you retain our firm, we will ensure there is a clear understanding between us about the extent of the work we are authorized to do. We will discuss the types of legal remedies or legal work required by the situation and the estimated time and legal expense involved. It is a good time to be practical. If, as the work progresses, there are unexpected developments which result in a longer time period or greater expense than anticipated, we will tell you.

Legal Fees
In most cases our fees are based upon the time and the responsibility involved. Some work is done on an hourly basis. For other matters, a flat fee is appropriate. And some cases, such as personal injury, are handled on a contingency fee basis, where the fee for legal services is a percentage of the amount of money obtained for you. You should discuss the fee arrangement with the lawyer during your first consultation at our law firm. Usually we will be able to give you an estimate of the cost. In lengthy matters, we will bill you periodically; in other matters, the fee is payable upon completion of the work. 

Attorneys At Law